Avoid Getting Banned From Search Engines

You may have heard of blackhat SEO or the type of SEO that violates the guidelines that search engines like Bing and Google maintain to preserve the integrity of their search results. This type of SEO is often appealing to many because they see competitors who engage in it or see that whatever their competitor’s SEO agency is doing is working fast. These types of loopholes in the search engines are not long term wins though, engaging in these practices can result in your site being knocked down in the rankings or being removed from the search engines altogether.

Here’s What Not to Do

Buying and Selling Links

Paid link networks exist for those people who are link hungry and understand the value links can have on their rankings. These sites generally have no beneficial content and are filled with random links all over the web. These sites exist simply to sell links and don’t offer any benefit to the consumer whatsoever.

Exchanging Links

Site owners and networks of sites will very often email other site owners to see if they are interested in reciprocal link exchanges. In other words if you link to their site they will link to yours. It sounds harmless but the idea is that the sites are artificially trying to inflate their PageRank instead of relying on organic recommendations and links.

Link Barters

Overstock.com was penalized by Google for providing discounts to college students and faculty in exchange for having .edu websites link back to pages on Overstock.com. This is considered to be manipulative practice and can get you penalized as Overstock witnessed.

Invisible Text

As text and keywords are a valuable part of how a page is indexed many site owners try to keyword stuff their sites with invisible text. This means that the text is not visible to the website’s visitors but can be indexed by the search engines. This is an older tactic but one that search engines have caught on to very quickly.

Best Practices

You or your SEO Agency should employ ethical SEO practices and shift all of your focus to building a high-quality website that addresses the needs of your audience or customer. This is why we at the Tampa SEO agency stress the importance of quality content and solving the problems of your consumer. If you develop good content on the regular that is beneficial to others, share it through social networks and other various means the results will eventually come naturally.

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