Keyword Research with Microsoft’s New Tool

Microsoft has recently made available a new keyword research and optimization tool -Microsoft Advertising Intelligence (MAI) version 8. The tool allows users to utilize the familiar Microsoft Excel interface to build and expand on keywords they use for their advertising ventures. People familiar with Google’s keyword tool may see some benefit in checking Microsoft’s tool that gauges the performance on relevant keywords on the Yahoo! | Bing network.

The idea is to help users improve their keyword selections and advertising campaign performance by having access to the most recent data that is collected by Microsoft. This data includes historical performance as well as deeper insights into keyword data that would be relevant for pay-per-click as well as organic SEO.

New Features for Microsoft’s Keyword Tool

  • More finely-tuned search data from Yahoo! | Bing network offers higher-quality keyword insights and market competitive bids.
  • Deeper keyword insights based on traffic, demographic, geographic data.
  • Greater coverage offers more relevant and affordable keywords across any budget.
  • A re-tooled, more intuitive interface.
  • Deeper integration with Microsoft Office Excel takes full advantage of Excel’s powerful and familiar functionality.
  • Access to growing collection of pre-designed Keyword Research Templates that take you straight to the data story you want to see.


Importance of Keyword Data

Any SEO agency will tell you that keywords are the heart of a SEO campaign. You build your website around them, you rank for them, you research them, you use them to try and determine what words your audience is using to find you. This is why a keyword research tool is so great. It can help you identify with your audience based on empirical data of what language they are using to find products and services they care about.

Let’s take the factors of traffic, demographics and geographic for examples of how this can be used for an owner of an office supply store.

Traffic– Based on your keyword research, your data tells you that printer paper and laptops are some of the more popular topics at the moment. If you had to make a decision of where you may want to invest you may consider dedicating more pages to these products as the data has told you they are highly searched topics.

Demographics– If your demographic research tells you that your consumers are 18-35 and fit a sector that loved electronics; you may want to promote the keywords that indicated you carried these products to capture the attention of this consumer.

Geographics– In the case of geographics, a different business example may be easier to explain. If you owned a tire store in Florida, research on radials may be more attractive to consumers than research on snow tires. An obvious example but one that gets the point across.

In any case, data is always a good way to determine how to identify with your audience and target the words they use to attract more leads as well as ideas for content. For interested parties, the MAI tool is available for users with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or 2010.

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