Video Killed Radio. Is Facebook Killing the


Once upon a time there was a fairly straightforward strategy to online marketing. Build a website, make it pretty, update it, and optimize it for the search engines. Hooray! You’ve got customers. Remember when MTV killed radio, now Facebook is attempting to kill the website. It’s not really surprising seeing how Facebook knows more about us then we do and really knows what is best for us right? Uhh? Let’s take a look.

Social Objects, Not Webpages

The first thing Facebook saw is that the way we view or think about information has changed. Given that we are a very instant gratification society they made a push for smaller pieces of social content rather than readership of web pages. Any fool can stay attracted to a piece of content provided it is in tiny bursts rather than full-page descriptions or that old fashioned thing that people used to do- read.

Idiot-Proof Functionality

The second piece of Facebook that makes it better than your website is that you can produce updates in seconds without knowing HTML or code. Imagine the thought of not having to call Ron from the IT basement to come up and spread his irresistible charm and B.O. Facebook’s easy customization allows you to share engaging content, provide you with analytics that give you user information, and takes the question of design out of it because they already have it figured out and put your data in places that people expect it.

Seamless Integration

The other great thing about Facebook is that it integrates with virtually every other popular social media site. LinkedIn, your blog, Twitter, and now Pinterest are all connected, giving you even more ways to optimize your Facebook page with functionality that is proven.

Do You “Like” Me? Yes? No? Maybe?

The other defining characteristic that Facebook does to kill your website is the notorious thumbs up “Like” button. This thing is everywhere and people love pushing it. It has redefined the way businesses can stay in front of consumers without being overly annoying. It’s like that pizza magnet on your fridge, you won’t necessarily need it until you get hungry, the same approach business marketers can use to stay in front of potential customers and their friends.

RIP Websites?

Websites are losing a lot of clout to social media sites but are not entirely dead. Our advice- integrate the two so that they work together rather than against each other. Also be creative and try to think of things Facebook does not do that your site can.

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