If you are in need of additional website exposure creating and sharing blogs can be a powerful asset to your company. But how do you start a blogging strategy and where do you find the time to do this? Lucky for you we have the advice you need to craft an awesome blog campaign that can help your company get exposure.

Local SEO Advice for Tampa

We all know that the search engines love blog content, and if your business is in Tampa, it has probably been suggested to you that you use keywords phrases that contain the word ‘Tampa.’ SEO or not, you are capable of writing and researching topics that the search engines, and your customers, will love.

Instead of waiting to find time to blog and create SEO content, make time to do it. Tampa SEO suggests developing a content calendar so that you know when and what you will write and won’t get writers block when you try to do this important part of business.

Tampa SEO Recommends Using Excel to Log Your SEO Content Ideas

The first step to developing your blogging calendar is to have a spreadsheet to place your dates and ideas. We suggest something with sections for the following:

• Topic
• Keywords
• Call-to-action
• Post date
• Useful links

You can do this on a sheet of paper (don’t lose it) or use a excel spreadsheet. We like the latter because it allows us to be flexible where the pen does not.

Brainstorm SEO Content with Your Employees

When you are in your research mode or are feeling creative, meet with your employees and begin to jot down some blog topics onto your spreadsheet.

The idea is to get some ideas down on paper and make it easier on yourself when you need a reference. Write down the keywords you want the search engines to focus on for each topic (ex. Widget sales in Tampa, Tampa widget sales), the call-to-action you want your readers to take from reading your post (call, email, sign up, subscribe, register, etc), the date you want to write or post the blog, and any useful links to websites that can help you cite ideas.

Start Blogging Once a Week!

After you have your brainstorm session done refer back to your first due date and get to blogging. You don’t have to spend time staring at your computer screen trying to come up with ideas and you already know the purpose of your blog, the call-to-action and where to get info on the topics. You don’t have to be rigid with your ideas and your writing. If you feel there is a better idea as you begin writing than the one from the spreadsheet so be it.

The goal is to get a plan for the next few weeks and have a reference point for generating ideas your audience will love.
Need help creating a blog strategy and with writing? Contact Tampa SEO today.

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