Creating a social media strategy is integral to the success of your business is you want to engage, market, and brand your company accordingly. A strategy involves having a conscious plan-of-action that sets goals and considers exactly who your audience is and what it is they can benefit from. We will outline the three steps to creating and managing a social media strategy below.

1. Content development
2. Knowing your customer
3. Knowing where your customer “hangs out”

Content for Social Media

Content development should be the start of your social media sharing strategy. It is the focus of what you are trying to share and allows you to be an authority in your industry. If you are creating content such as blogs, articles or press releases, make sure they are helpful and addressing the needs of your customers. Bing once said that your content should be so thorough that the visitor need not visit any other webpage because all the information they need is right there. That should be the mentality behind your content and this is what will be worthy of social media sharing.

Knowing What Your Customer Wants to Discuss

We mentioned above that content needs to be the focus of what will be shared on social media. Knowing what your customer wants to discuss will help you to craft your content ideas and topics. Let’s say that you run a cell phone store in Tampa. SEO knowledge tells us to use keyword research to determine what topics are related to cell phones are popular amongst your customers. We can use this same knowledge to craft the content strategy. Google AdWords has a free tool that can give you content ideas or if you want to dig deeper paid tools like SEO cockpit can help generate ideas too.

Where Does Your Customer Spend Time Online?

Part of your social media content strategy should also focus on targeting the right channels. Rather than going after four or five social media networks stick to one or two and have a strong presence there. If you are curious to find some good data on who is using which social media sites check out this infographic on Social Media Demographics. This can help determine where to spend your time and focus on one or two of the many options for social media.

Make Your Social Media Plan

Once you have begun to craft solid content next move onto determining the topics your customers care about. Keyword research tools can help determine poplar topics to address with your audience. From there figure out what networks you want to target based on demographic research and remain engaged in conversations with your customers.
For more information on how to create and manage a social media content strategy contact Tampa SEO.

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