As business owners we are always trying to find ways to provide consumers with value and often this means showcasing how much of a resource we are. Quora is a newer social media site that can help business owners or other authoritative figures address consumer questions on its question and answer platform. The site says that it can be used to “Ask any question and get answers from real people with first-hand experience, and blog about what you know.” For the purposes of this post let’s take on the role of the authority who is answering questions rather than asking them.

Tampa SEO Reminder #1: Quora Ranks

Take the fact that the goal of the search engines is to provide quality content to its users. Given the authoritative nature of the answers on the site, it has begun to get some attention as users get to address the effectiveness of answers by votes. As a business owner you can find topics that are relevant to your industry and watch them closely for your opportunity to provide sound input. Given that you are an authority on the topic and are providing the most comprehensive and accurate answer (or opinion), there is a good chance it will be the top answer or close to the top. If other consumers, either on Quora or on Google, ask a question on a similar topic, Quora’s resource as a quality resource gives it a strong opportunity to rank and ultimately provide a citation, link, or reference to your company or services.
For example, let’s say a Quora question is ‘what is the best restaurant in Tampa?’ SEO best practices suggest that you, as a restaurant owner, would be quick to answer the post showcasing your qualifications and reasons why you are the best restaurant in Tampa.

Tampa SEO Reminder #2: Quora Generates Leads

Let’s take another good example from Quora that can help another Tampa company. Take the question currently unanswered on Quora: “What places are open late in Tampa?” SEO best practices would suggest that you as a night club, restaurant, diner, bar, or other late night establishment owner would be looking for posts like these and quickly address them with information and links regarding your business and resourceful info as to why. Given that no one else has answered this question the person posing the question may soon become a consumer as will others who find your well-written response.

Tampa SEO Recommendation #3: Get Involved

Quora is a bit of a hidden gem in terms of SEO and can help to provide you with good exposure provided you are offering a value-add in your responses. You can also subscribe to posts of others and network to gain more insight to topics your demographic is concerned about.

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