Twitter is a hotbed for businesses to connect and interact with other businesses and consumers. As you are a lively online marketer, you are an active contributor of information and spend much of your Twitter time tweeting as well as reading the thoughts and ideas of other influential people, businesses or consumers. Your image is and should be a large part of your concern on the platform which is why you should put some thought into how you should structure your name.

Tampa SEO Suggests You Focus On Name Formats for SEO and for Businesses

There are three formats that you have to choose from for Twitter that concern the Twitter handle (the name with the ‘@’ symbol) and the username:

  1. Brand name is both handle and username- Coca-Cola @CocaCola
  2. Username is you and handle is Brand- Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow
  3. Brand and username are your personal name- Barbara Walters @BarbaraJWalters

Tampa SEO Suggests that Brand is Both SEO and Branding

When a brand is the username and the handle it gives its company the ability to post from the same account. Most big brands do this as do brands that don’t have any particular person who is identified with the brand.

When you think about the above example of Coca-Cola there is not likely one person who stands out in your mind as the representative of the brand. The brand itself crosses all boundaries and is the product/service that people identify with. Coca-Cola is a multi-faceted company and can benefit from having multiple tones and conversations.

At Tampa SEO (Tampa SEO @TampaSEOllc) we use our brand name because we want our services to be identified with the brand and not the individuals who make it happen.

Username is Personal; Brand is the Handle

Ellen DeGeneneres is obviously something of a household name but the fact that she uses her real name and the name of her show (@TheEllenShow) indicates that she is aware of her celebrity status and uses it to promote business ventures. In turn, Ellen is able to also promote things that are personal to her- “Doctors say I’m healthy as a kookaburra”- but also is able to promote her show simultaneously.

Ellen, like others taking this approach, seeks to fuse her personal reputation with the business. This is something you could do too – if you have a reputation.

Tampa SEO Suggests that You are the Brand and Username

Although Barbara Walters could promote The View or other shows she is affiliated with, she instead uses her reputation to precede everything she says and can translate that into all verticals she is involved in. She does not bind herself to any particular show or network and is free to speak on whatever matters she feels necessary.

What does your business model best identify with? There is no particularly right or wrong choice, just different options you should consider to best identify yourself with your brand.

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