Are you still on the fence deciding if SEO and Internet marketing is right for your business? You know that SEO isn’t the cheapest pie in the pack but you also know a lot of people who are using it to generate more leads. Let’s take a look at some of the local data for business in the Tampa area and determine what SEO can do for them. If you want us to do a custom report for your website/business, just contact us and we will let you know what we can do for you.

Tampa SEO Says: Even Joe the Plumber Needs SEO

If you are a Tampa plumber there is a chance people will be looking for you online. First off, you are considered by most consumers to be a local business and national companies are not your big competitor as would be (for example) a local store with a national ecommerce site (more on that below). The search engines also realize that searches related to “plumbers” are of local intent and that queries that are phrased particular ways (ex. Tampa plumber, leaky faucet, toilet runs) may be seeking localized help. Enter SEO.

The phrase ‘Tampa plumber’ gets over 6,000 local searches a month. That is 6,000 opportunities to get in front of people who are deliberately looking for a plumber locally. Without SEO you will not be found as other plumbers have already taken the steps to come up in searches just like these. Search goes beyond generic queries like ‘Tampa plumber’ and also considers the other related searches that are conducted every day. ‘Leaky sink’ gets over 5,000 searches a month, ‘toilet runs’ over 3,000, and ‘replace showerhead’ over 3,000. The opportunities to rank add up as will your business with SEO in place and a system to turn those warm leads into customers.

Tampa SEO Says: Ecommerce Stores Need Great SEO

Now let’s say you have a wider audience than Joe plumber. You are located in Tampa but need your SEO to reach locally and nationally. Your costume ecommerce store is also accompanied by a brick and mortar here in Tampa. SEO can help you drive local Tampa customers and sales from all over the country. For comparisons sake, ‘costumes Tampa’ gets over 1,300 searches a month where ‘costumes’ – a search with no geographic intent – gets over 13 million national searches a month. With SEO you can rank for both, here is a very brief overview of how.

First, we attract the searches for local intent and drive traffic to your website and foot traffic (via your website) to your store. After the foundation is laid locally we can also attempt to rank for your products nationally or in areas where they are in high demand. This article is obviously not meant to be an in-depth analysis of how to rank but showcases the opportunities in Internet marketing. SEO is not simply just ranking for keywords, it is also the marketing of your brand and the conversion of those leads into sales.

Learn more about what SEO can do for your business by allowing us to evaluate your web presence and identify opportunities. Contact Tampa SEO today for a website evaluation. No website? We can help with that too!

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We prove the value of SEO with a look at a local business and a local business with a national ecommerce website.

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