If you are in the market for a new website you may have heard of the term Content Management System of CMS thrown around. You may have also heard of website templates from WordPress or Joomla. Both of these systems are content management systems and are software that provides an easy way to organize and manage web content for non-programmers. At Tampa SEO we have advanced programming knowledge and still find that CMS websites are suitable for our needs as well. It is no surprise that the CMS WordPress is used to build almost 15 percent of websites on the web. Here are some reasons you should consider a CMS for your next website.

Tampa SEO Tip #1: CMS Will Reduce Cost

CMS systems like WordPress or Joomla offer free software which in turn can save you money. Custom programmed websites require weeks of programming which in turn translates into the bill you get from your programmer. While it is true that you still may need a programmer to get your site to look and function the way you need, a CMS will save you a lot of upfront costs as well as down the road costs as creating and inserting content is made easy.
CMS software often consists of what is called a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) which is essentially like typing a document in Microsoft Word. If you can type or copy and paste, you can create a new webpage or blog in as much time as a seasoned developer. No calling your developer, no waiting, and no cost to you.

Tampa SEO Tip #2: SEO Friendly

If you are trying to rank your website or want to drive traffic to it a CMS can help with this as well. A CMS ensures that all of your pages are optimized for the search engines and can be easily indexed. This of course does not guarantee rankings and for optimum results you should still consider hiring an Internet marketing agency like Tampa SEO. However, a CMS will help even the most novice website owner maintain more traffic than if they relied on a custom-programmed or non-CMS website alone.

Tampa SEO Advice: CMS Can Support Multiple Industries

CMS websites can be customized for any look and feel way you’d like. Beyond that they have a widely-used framework in which advanced programmers develop software for the likes of the non-programmers that is often free. This means industry professionals in real estate, technology, picture-rich professions, video websites, and ecommerce websites also have readily available tools that can be implemented in their sites.

A CMS may not be the end-all-be-all in terms of your programming needs but it really is the best option for people looking to save money and do some of the work themselves. We suggest allowing a web and SEO company to setup your website and then take on the responsibilities that you yourself can handle after they train you. SEO should still be left to the professionals but if you can create your own blogs and articles you will find that you can save money and make an impact on your consumers.

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