The highly anticipated Facebook search engine is here but it is not what people thought it would be. To Facebook’s credit, it is still consistent with the brand’s goal of bringing people together as Graph Search is more about social than it is about finding information throughout the web. In fact the Graph Search is limited entirely to Facebook, making the need to optimize your businesses Facebook page all the more important.

Tampa SEO Facebook Tip #1: What to Keep in Mind

The Graph Search will be seeking to connect Facebook users with places and people that friends within their networks already like or have interest in. For example, if you were seeking a SEO company in Tampa you might ask Graph Search “friends who use SEO in Tampa.” Graph Search would seek your friends (or local network) that have some sort of affiliation with a Tampa SEO company and may ultimately lead you to Tampa SEOs Facebook page. In order for us to have a chance to rank for searches like this or searches in the arena of Internet marketing we have optimized our Facebook pages in the following ways that you can do too.

Tampa SEO Tip #3: Consider Your Name

Tampa SEO is the name of our company but is also keyword rich. Keep in mind that trying to artificially stuff keywords into your name is not a good idea. “Tampa SEO” works well for us and we avoid trying to game the system with a name like “Tampa SEO Internet Marketing and Social Media Management.”

Tampa SEO Facebook Tip #3: Thinking Through “About You”

Your Facebook business page is given ample opportunity to provide information about your business, its mission, an overview, a business description, its contact info, and more. The more information you fill out keeping your ideal keywords in mind the better. Remember Graph Search optimization involves searching for text that is connected to the searcher’s query.

Tampa SEO Tip #4: Keep It Social

Don’t just optimize your Facebook business page for the sake of Graph Search, you will run the risk of being too artificial. Instead keep doing what you are doing in terms of sharing relevant content with your audience and engaging with them on a constant basis. Share pictures, post questions, use videos and links to remind your fans that you are a credible resource and care about the same things they care about. This will lead to natural content on your page that builds your ability to be indexed within Graph Search and keeps your fans happy.

For more information on social media management and how to optimize your Facebook business page contact Tampa SEO today.

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