Google’s Matt Cutts was quoted saying “Your site might have more user interactions because it is prettier” when referencing a question from a user regarding the necessity to use text when his site was performing better with more imagery. This can be true for many websites- a more user-friendly website can equal more conversions and more time on a website. But the age-old question that Tampa SEO and other Internet marketing professionals will be asking is “How does it affect my rankings?”

Google (and the other search engines) use text to index the content on your website and to determine how significant your webpages will be in reference to searches. That said the rule of thumb for Tampa SEO has always been to suggest valuable text on every page of your website. The number of times a search engines sees specific keywords on your page along with other ranking criteria will help it to determine the categorical placement of your webpage. Without text it makes it harder for the search engines to “read” through your website and determine what it is all about. This is why SEOs will look at a website for the first time and often suggest more text be implemented on both the existing pages or via consistent means such as a blog.

What If My Site is Mostly Images? Tampa SEO Responds

Some sites may not necessitate text but are still seeking to rank. If the particular topics on the pages don’t or can’t merit text, they may just be composed of pictures, images or videos. If this is the case for your website there are some things you can do to have your content indexed. All images will have titles as well as ‘alt descriptions.’ These should be labeled according to the description of the images to give the search engines a hint as to what the content on your pages are all about. The descriptions should of course be consistent with what the images are rather than what you are trying to rank for. In other words don’t have a picture of a cat and label it dog.

Tampa SEO Advice: Better Design Can Win

User experience is a fundamental flaw most websites have that should always be considered. This is why websites with good user experience – and little to no text- can still rank well. Matt Cutts says “Better design can help people enjoy and use your site more.”

To learn more about how to optimize your image-rich site for the search engines contact Tampa SEO today.

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Matt Cutts describes how websites that are mostly images can still perform well with the search engines even though there is less to index.

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