Where are the Most Important Areas on my Website?

Understanding what users do on your website is almost as important as getting them there in the first place. Unbeknownst to most website owners are insights and tracking tools that help you determine what users are looking at so that you can make the changes that will ultimately increase conversions. The science of eye tracking is called heat mapping and is an important tool that companies like Amazon.com, Ebay and Dell all use on their websites to learn more about how they can satisfy their consumers.

Why Use Heat Mapping Software?

Let’s say you have an e-commerce website or have a website in which you are trying to promote specific products or services. If you are trying to lead your visitors down a path to your check-out page wouldn’t you want to know which areas on your site are attracting the most attention or lacking attention? With heat mapping you know exactly what it is your website is lacking as you have evidence from real users that showcases where and how they use your website. Looking at the elements of how visitors use your website you can work on promoting things that make you more money and less on things that don’t.

Heat Mapping Vs. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular free tool that provides insights into user data and interaction. Tampa SEO often utilizes Google Analytics to learn about user demographics, entrance keywords, referral websites and other important data. Google Analytics, however, does not provide any insight into heat mapping and the data that showcases how people are using your website from a visual perspective. Together the tools can provide exhaustive user-data that will help you to determine how to improve your website’s user experience and improve conversions, sales and consumer interest.

Get the Most Out of Your Site

Heat mapping software was traditionally only available to those companies that could afford special visual lenses and hire engineers with expensive machinery. It wasn’t until a recent study that connected eye movement with mouse movement demonstrated that heat mapping could be done much more affordably. We often utilize this software for our Tampa SEO clients who want to increase their conversion rates and revenues using empirical, significant data.

To learn more about how we can implement heat mapping software to determine the most important areas of your website contact Tampa SEO today.

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