It is not surprising that Google and Bing have indicated that social media may impact search engine rankings. When evaluating the value of social media in terms of shared links Bing is said to look at how many people follow the person or company posting as well as how many people they follow. Determining how influential a company or brand is in social media is called ‘social authority.’ Google has also said that they look at tweeted links and specifically re-tweeted links to see how many people took interest in an article. Given these ranking factors, Tampa SEO generally recommends a solid social media content plan in addition to organic or paid SEO.

Our Social Media Correlation Study

Rather than just take the search engines’ word, we decided to do our own social media ranking study. This study revealed that Facebook shares have the highest impact on SEO rankings than Google Buzz (now Google Plus) or Twitter. We also found out that a Twitter user with high social authority that re-tweets your posts will have a high impact on SEO. The bottom line? Use social media to compound your SEO efforts. Having a strong social authority and networking with other social media users with strong social authorities will help your organic SEO efforts.

Where to Share

Facebook tends to be the social media network that yields the best SEO return. Facebook does not make information on personal profiles available for indexing but information from fan pages is indexed. This means that fan pages that have a strong social following have a better chance of preferred rankings than those without.

In second comes Twitter especially since they have a Twitter Search Engine on Bing that displays real-time tweets. In addition to that, re-tweets from other Twitter users can lead to a bump in traditional SEO rankings as well.

The last social media outlet that you will want to utilize is Google Plus. Google has said that it does not place a preference on data shared by Google Plus users but they do place a focus on social shares as they do with Facebook and Twitter. Having a strong social presence on these sites can help influence your search rankings and should be used in combination with your traditional SEO efforts.

To learn more about using social media as part of your online marketing strategy contact Tampa SEO today.

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