Link building is one of those search engine optimization must-do’s that most SMB owners have heard of but are actually clueless about. Link building falls into the category of off-page optimization and is an important ranking signal that determines if your website is an authority on a particular subject. So if links are so important how do you get people to link to your website? One of the most common ways to get people to link back to your website is through manual link building. Below are some common manual link building techniques Tampa SEO utilizes to help boost the rankings of our clients.

Tampa SEO Link Building Tip #1: Email Link Requests

When Tampa SEO does email link requests we do so with a deliberate plan. Initially we will research the competitor’s websites to determine which links they have that we might also be able to get for our clients. To do this we do a competitive backlink analysis with our SEO software but this can also be done manually. Use the Google search and type in “link: ‘competitors website’” to find the links Google has indexed for each website. From there compile a list of the websites that you think are worthy of contacting to see if they will link to you too.

Tampa SEO Link Building

Tampa SEO Link Building Tip#2: Social Media Link Requests

A lot of thought leaders spend their time sharing information on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn. Find these people that share information related to your industry and make note of their contact information. Make it a point to create content that you think would be valuable to them and their audience and send it out to them each time you create it. If it is good enough there is a good chance they will either re-share your content or link to it themselves. Building real relationships with these thought-leaders even when you don’t need them for link building is also a good way to expand your relationships within your niche.

Tampa SEO Link Building Tip #3: Blog Comments

If you spend a lot of time reading industry blogs, commenting can be a way to get some link juice passed to your site. Tampa SEO does not recommend this strategy to be used in isolation but it can be worth the effort used sparingly. Each time you read an industry blog leave a comment that is genuine, helpful and insightful. Most of these links are “no-follow” but a mix of “follow” and “no-follow” links is regarded to be a normal link profile.

Tampa SEO Link Building Tip #3: Guest Blogging

We mentioned above in ‘social media requests’ that industry leaders may link to you if you produce great content. You can also use the method of reaching out to people and asking them if you can guest blog for their site in exchange for a link within your post. Start with smaller websites as it is unlikely the most visible websites will not respond to a cold email. For the other websites find the contact information of the website owner and tell them what you plan on writing and ask if it will provide value to their readers. Remember the guest blog should be more about providing value to them than helping yourself.
For more information on manual link building or to get help with your SEO, contact Tampa SEO today.

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