It seems that everything Facebook puts out needs some sort of attention in terms of how we use the social media giant to attract consumers to our businesses. With Facebook Home we are in the beginning stages of determining what ways best utilize the new all-Facebook-all-the-time mobile application.

Facebook Home is Facebook’s attempt to integrate Facebook into our mobile experiences from the moment we turn our phones on to the moment we turn them off. “Why do we need to go into all the apps in the first place to see what is going on with the people we care about” said founder Mark Zuckerburg. Somewhat contradictory to Zuckerburg’s app-dissing claim is what Facebook says on the Home landing page: “Introducing Facebook Home- The family of apps that puts your friends at the heart of your phone.” Facebook wants to be the app, not one of the apps.

Tampa SEO Advice: Look at Business and Facebook Home

Facebook Home plays heavily into the mobile strategy Facebook and other companies are going after. With Facebook Home this gives advertisers even more of a chance to appeal to their mobile users with compelling and visually stimulating content. Right now Tampa SEO is advising our clients to hold tight on any major Facebook Home social media marketing strategizing as Facebook Home is still in its initial stages and is now catering more to individual users rather than businesses.

Tampa SEO Suggests Business Advertise with Facebook

Tampa SEO is anticipating that Facebook will further its advertising opportunities for businesses on Facebook Home seeing how a user’s mobile experience will all be taking place within the Facebook environment. With Facebook Home the company will have more frequent users on its platform—all of whom they know everything about in regards to what those users communicate on their phone. These characteristics include their location, the photos of places and people they take, the stores they shop and the discussions they are having.

Businesses should expect the Facebook Home software to be more Big Brother insights than ever. It is these insights that help businesses better comprehend what it is their customers think, feel and care about. Right now small businesses can consider arming their sales teams with Android phones that make the apps possible to understand and get insights into what their callers care about. In this respect a business can use the Facebook Home data of a caller to provide a more intimate customer service experience. Outside this more personal approach businesses will have to stay tuned to learn more about the features Facebook Home will be implementing for business owners.

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