Are You Doing International SEO?

As the world gets smaller as the result of the global marketplace a lot of companies are finding they need to scale to meet the needs of clients worldwide. Many companies, big and small, are venturing out into the international SEO world to attract new clients through search engine optimization and ranking in places outside of the United States alone.

In an Industry-wide SEO survey by BrightEdge many search marketers revealed that it is becoming more important for websites to rank in global search engines. “SEO marketers at global companies aspire to reach customers worldwide, and drive leads, revenue and traffic through global SEO initiatives,” says the report. “Looking beyond a single country also helps them demonstrate a greater ROI on marketing investments. Not only does this boost marketing ROI but also maintains global brand consistency while accommodating local nuances. A global concerted approach to SEO marketing addresses these needs.”

China Maintains Biggest Internet Market

For internet marketers seeking to tap into China’s market Google would not be their first target. Baidu, China’s largest search engine, is as valuable as Google is to most companies in other countries. According to BrightEdge, China alone has 540 internet users, 900 million mobile users and 388 million mobile internet users, making it the largest internet market in the world; much of which Baidu has a stronghold on.

Tapping into International SEO

Ranking globally is no easy feat and takes a much larger budget than ranking nationally. Tampa SEO recommends that all multinational SEO efforts are complemented by an elaborate pay-per-click (PPC) campaign as well as an organic campaign. In fact, building a PPC campaign with appropriate landing pages first rather than going after organic SEO would likely be cheaper in the initial stages.

PPC is recommended first because it allows companies to measure user satisfaction much more quickly than with traditional SEO. It allows you to gather data about your consumers more quickly than with organic SEO alone which allows you to have a more efficient organic multinational SEO plan in the future.

Other International SEO Considerations

While expansion is generally a good idea it should only be considered if you have a stronghold on your local (national) rankings. In other words it is often better to have highly effective SEO efforts in fewer places than it is to have moderately effective efforts all over the globe. An article in Search Engine Watch recommended “Making sure that you’re picking the right strategies to maximize your odds of success in the shortest period of time.”

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