Is Bing Catching Up to Google?

At what is looking like significant news for the world’s second biggest search engine, Bing was announced at a recent Apple conference as being the new search engine to Siri as the web search provider. This will likely result in more people accessing search-based content from Bing as Apple users will now be directed there by default.

Siri Now Uses Bing

At the recent Apple conference the company revealed their new operating system, iOS 7. iOS 7 powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, essentially all of Apple’s products. Although Bing is not the default search engine on the devices, it has replaced Google on Apple devices that have the Siri feature. When Siri is accessed it can either provide a direct answer to the user such as for queries such as “play last voicemail,” “increase brightness,” or “what temperature is it?” Bing comes into play when Siri does not have a direct answer for a query and is used to provide the user with supplemental web results. Here is what Bing Corporate Vice President Derrick Connel had to say about the update:

Starting this fall with iOS 7, Bing will power Siri’s new integrated web search. When users ask Siri a question either the specific answer or web search links will now be delivered automatically so users can find information even faster.

This is big news for Bing for because Apple sells millions of iOS devices each year. According to Apple CEO Tim cook, iPhone users use their device 50 percent more than Android users. Cook also mentioned that 60 percent of mobile web share goes to iOS and that 93 percent of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS. This means of the 600 million iOS devices in the marketplace, many of the users can now be helping to contribute to Bing’s user base.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Now that Bing is being further incorporated into Apple’s products it will be evident that many of its users will be introduced to Bing or presented with more reason to use it. In addition to that, more mobile users are being introduced to the market every day, many of which are using Apple products. If a business has only been paying attention to Google search for its results as related to their business it may be time to address rankings in Bing, and more specifically, mobile rankings and mobile site design as it pertains to users selecting your search result as produced by Bing.

So where do Bing and Google stand in terms of market share? As of April 2013, Google dropped from 67.1 percent to 66.5 percent from March and Bing went up 16.0 percent to 17.3 percent. Yahoo too increased market share slightly (11.8 to 12 percent) as the little dogs continue to chip away at the search giant.

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