Blending Content Marketing and SEO

As your company strives to grow its online presence it makes sense to hire outside agencies that are experienced in creating, building and implementing online marketing strategies that give you exposure and help convert website visitors into paying customers. Many companies go wrong when they choose between either a content marketing plan or an SEO plan. Here is how to blend content marketing and SEO so that your efforts are more full-circle.

First Off, the Differences

So what is content marketing exactly? Content marketing works around the idea that your customers are looking for specific ideas, educational tools or selling points that help them to choose your products over that of your competitors. This can occur in articles, press releases, blog posts, website content and even social media content.

SEO on the other hand serves to focus on search-driven efforts and works with the search engines to help you rank for topics pertaining to your offerings. Because search will always consist of people typing words into a box and content being presented, it makes sense to merge the two ideas together.

Merging the Content and SEO Mill

As both content marketing and SEO serve to attract people to the sale, it pays on having the two avenues work in cohesion with one another. For example, let’s say you are trying to drive traffic to a specific page on your website for a specific product you offer. First, you would create the content and address the concerns of the target audience based on the topics that they identify with most. Now that the content marketing side is complete, it now serves you best to attract the attention of the search engines so that they present this information to potential visitors in search. For this SEO component, it would be beneficial to begin a linkbuilding campaign, a social media campaign, and to make sure the page was fully optimized and accessible from the homepage of the website.

Blending content marketing and SEO in the way mentioned above would give the product a much greater chance of getting ranked than if only one of the avenues were used alone. If a great page is made and not optimized for search, it is likely that it will not get the attention it deserves on its own. Similarly, if a mediocre page is created and is free of generous, user and search engine-friendly content, its chance of ranking is ultimately lessened as it does not generally meet optimal qualifications for providing an exceptional use experience.

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