The Effects of Paid Links on Your Website

Google has been cracking down on websites that pay for links as they believe them to be less trustworthy. If you are considering paying for links, don’t. Paid links that are picked up by Google will cause your site to be regarded as spammy and may result in a rankings drop. This is partly due to the quality controls Google is putting in place to ensure that unethical search engine optimization techniques are not helping sites rank.

Why Would a Website Owner Consider Paying for Links?

At Tampa SEO we have had clients whose websites had some pretty unscrupulous SEO in place before we took over. Website owners pay for links because they know that links are one of the ranking factors that the search engines consider to place your website in the search engine results pages. There was one point in time where the more links you had, the greater chance you had of ranking. Those days are long gone and the search engines are more concerned about quality links than they are quantity.

Websites that have a bunch of irrelevant, low quality links back to their sites (paid or unpaid) run the risk of being penalized by the search engines for trying to artificially game the rankings. If you were seeking to buy links, your site runs the risk of having a similar outcome.

What About Paying an SEO Company to Help Me Build Links?

Paying for links directly and paying an SEO company like Tampa SEO to help build links for you are two different animals. Paying an SEO company to build links for you is like paying a personal trainer to help you get into shape. The results are real but you are getting some outside help.

Google on Purchasing Links

Google recently fielded this question about paid links:

If some site that is linking to my site gets penalized for purchasing links, will my site get affected by that penalty?

If you happen to be getting links from a site that is found by Google to be buying links for itself Google says you will not get penalized for the actions of the site that links to you. The link from that website however will not pass pagerank to your website and essentially will not be counted as providing any benefit.

Getting Links Naturally

Link building is one of the most time-consuming and difficult aspects of SEO. This does not mean that it cannot be done successfully. Producing great content, social sharing, online relationship building and becoming a resource of information within your industry are all great ways to gain links naturally.

To learn more about link building and how it can help your rankings contact Tampa SEO today.


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