Email Marketing for Lead Capture

You have done an excellent job driving customers to your website, ranking it for its top terms and making a name for yourself online. While you have a ton of new traffic each month your analytics indicate that you have very few or not a satisfactory amount of repeat visitors. Being the good marketer you are, you know that most people will not make a purchase the first time they are on a site which is why you need ways to stay in front of them.

To maintain visibility in the eyes of your potential customers or repeat customers, let’s take a look at some email marketing lead capture ideas you can implement into your website today. These leads will eventually be the ones that turn into customers and help to grow your business.

Content for Email

Email marketing is not dead. If you have ventured away from this arena it is time for a revisit. The key to email marketing is to actually get people to provide you with their email. While that may seem obvious there is nothing worse than spam email so if someone voluntarily gives you their email, you have a free pass to hit them up until they tell you otherwise.

So how do you get this aspect of lead capture down? For starters you need to create something that is of value to your visitors. Take some time to think about something that would be relevant to your visitors and create some digital content that reflects that in exchange for their email. Here’s what you might want to send them:

  • Whitepaper
  • Newsletter
  • Podcast
  • Webinar
  • Presentation
  • Evaluation
  • E-course
  • E-book

Advertise the above in exchange for the participant’s email. Once they provide you with this information send them the promised digital content and use their email to stay in front of them with meaningful and relevant industry information.

Key Considerations

Not all of the participants on your webpage will be the same type of person or customer. In other words, you may have a prospect who is simply perusing your website for content and has shown interest by requesting more. Once this prospect requests information, they become a lead. These are the people that move into the next stage of buying and are the ones you really want to convert into customers. Once they become customers, your goal is to keep them active and reengage them as to why they should remain customers.

Keep in mind these three types of web visitors will react differently to your marketing ‘touches’ and they cannot be emailed the same things. Leads will need to be enticed to do business with you and customers will need to be engaged with special offers, updates or other content on how you will continue to make their lives better.

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