Google Chimes In On Guest Blog Posting

Google has recently addressed their view on guest blog posting as it seems that more people than ever are jumping on the bandwagon for this type of linkbuilding. The truth of the matter is some people are abusing the true purpose of guest blog posting which can be interpreted as providing expert knowledge on a relevant website. Google’s Matt Cutts posted a Webmaster Help video that cited that the abuse of guest blog posting can result in Google not counting those links at all or having the same effect of “low quality article banks.”

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The Good Type of Guest Blogs

Cutts says that high quality guest posting is worthwhile in some cases and that they can provide some real benefit if done the right way. Let’s say a significant industry professional is solicited to write a high quality, insightful post to a relevant blog. This can be a good win for the owner of that blog post, especially if the featured author is well known and provides tremendous value to the audience. Another situation where a worthwhile guest blog could exist is if the writer was talented but perhaps not so well known and again provided great, original insight to a particular topic. Both of these types of guest blogs, says Cutts, are the ones that tend to be looked at more favorably.

The Bad Type of Guest Posts

Cutts says that guest blog posting can also be taken to extremes. “Sometimes you’ll see people writing or offering the same blog post multiple times or spinning the blog posts, offering them to multiple outlets. It almost becomes like low-quality article banks.” These types of “authors” or posts are not likely to be favored by Google and it is likely that they will be identified for these attempts to artificially inflate their rankings.

What Is Your Reason for Guest Blogging?

If you are either the person who is guest blogging or are looking for some blogs to go up on your site be cautious of the reasons you are doing so. Content that is merely written for the sake of content and provides no real value add is not going to be looked at as worthy of significant attention. Also, blog posts that are written and just barely hit the 300 word count for the mere sake of hitting the bare minimum to get by are likely not worthy of helping your linkbuilding efforts either.

When creating content or accepting content for your blog, make sure that the message of the post is really communicating something of value and is well thought out. Content for the sake of content is not going to win you any rankings battles and can actually be looked at the same way as spammy, low-quality article banks.

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