Marketing Your Brand on Instagram

Your business may already be capitalizing from visual media on sites like Facebook and Pinterest but has it yet to embark on the path of Instagram? Instagram is a newer social media website that allows users to take pictures from their mobile devices, apply a vintage-inspired filter, and publish those photos straight to their Instagram page or to other sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The mobile app is a playful tool at heart but big brands have been using Instagram to help capitalize on the increasingly visual-minded consumer. The top brands on Instagram include Nike, Starbucks, Adidas and Red Bull and one can imagine why a picture-based website would see Victoria’s Secret amongst the top ten most popular brands. Here are some ways you can utilize Instagram to engage your customers and keep your products in front of them.

Sell Your Personality

Many consumers have indicated that they enjoy a brand that has a personality that they relate to. Nike for example, the top-rated Instagram brand on the Nitrogram 50 list, attained its top position by posting high-resolution pictures of athletes along with inspirational slogans. For example, Nike displayed a picture of Brazil’s star soccer athlete with the blurb “And so it begins” to draw attention to the fact that there is a new superstar in the making. Nike is selling the personality of winners, star athletes, and people who just like to engage in athletic activities in general. At over 1.7 million followers currently on Instagram, Nike is winning the race.

Get Your Fans to Endorse You

Starbucks can get away with showcasing pictures of coffee, beverages and products unlike any other brand. They also encourage others to submit photos of themselves using Starbucks products and having a good time. Although Starbucks does not post these pictures on their timeline, it does allow Starbucks to interact with these fans on an individual basis. By encouraging fans to use the hashtag #Starbucks, the brand gives followers a direct method in which they can engage with the brand.

The Power of the Hashtag

Hashtags have translated over from Twitter to Google + and now to Instagram. The hashtag allows brands to organize search results into relevant categories and conversations on Instagram’s website. In the example above, we see that Starbucks can check out what fans are saying because it has promoted its #Starbucks hashtag. Red Bull uses #givesyouwings and generic items like #hotrod or #classiccar can also be searched using the feature. If your brand can capitalize on the hashtag and promote products via this search feature, it can help engage fans and direct them to sales; making all of this picture-taking a worthwhile venture.

Start Using Instagram Today

Instagram is free to use and now offers video sharing features making the site all the more robust. For help getting started on an Instagram campaign, contact Tampa SEO today.

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