Penguin Updates Showcase Sites Who Used Low Cost SEO

Website owners have always wanted to be found via search engines and often utilize external SEO consulting firms to help them win. Organic traffic generated from search engine campaigns was and still is one of the best, most sustainable ways to generate qualified leads and maximize online marketing budgets. The benefits of ranking well for businesses are obvious however the shortcuts business owners have taken and their consequences are not so blatant until their websites are penalized.

It wasn’t until the onset of some of the newer Google algorithm changes that SEO shortcuts were heavily penalized and the high cost of low cost SEO was really highlighted.

The Culprit: Shady Linkbuilding

In the years, months and days leading up to the Penguin algorithm many a site could get away with having lots of backlinks with over-optimized anchor text, low-quality links, or links from websites that really never had a chance of being clicked or providing any value to the end-user. Once upon a time the sheer quantity of these types of links might have resulted in some solid rankings for some websites but those days are gone forever. This type of linkbuilding tends to be very low cost and is generated from SEOs who lack the understanding that a solid link profile is important to rankings and long term success.

Rebuilding Trust with Google

If your website was the victim of these types of unscrupulous practices your old SEO might be to blame. If you were the one responsible for purchasing these types of links then by now you have likely learned your lesson. However, the problem still remains the same, you still need to build strong links to help your rankings and gain the trust of the search engines.

Now that you realize that you get what you pay for, you should have a new found desire to seek out quality work. Linkbuilding from the highest cost SEO firm doesn’t have to be your savior, but staying away from SEO companies who are still preaching the old ways should be a red flag.

Linkbuilding Techniques to Avoid

Linkbuilding with “Money Keywords”– the majority of sites that got hit by the Penguin algorithm had a money keyword or anchor text that accounted for over 60% of their incoming links. Diversify your anchor text and avoid going after one word or phrase.

Build Relationships with Sites in Unrelated Niches– sites that were penalized in the Penguin update rarely had links coming in from domains and websites in the same niche. Getting links from relevant websites also increases the chances that these visitors are closer to the buying stage.

Don’t Pay for Links– Google has gotten good at determining links that are bought for the sake of artificially inflating rankings. If the goal of your linkbuilding is to artificially inflate your rankings and is not to provide a robust user experience, you will likely get penalized for it.


Professional SEO services can be expensive but they are an investment in your company. Using low cost SEO services generally means that low quality will be delivered, thus resulting in the opposite effect of what you were going for. It is ok to start small as long as you are moving the right direction. It is the companies who expect quick wins with minimal budgets that usually end up getting dinged.

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