Evidence SEO and Social Media Need to be Integrated

According to a new study done by Ascend2 a major difference in companies that are successful with SEO is that they integrate it with social media. The study demonstrates that companies who can successfully integrate social media and SEO together are more successful with their search engine rankings.

The study referenced nearly 600 business and marketing professionals and asked them to rate their own SEO success. The study also asked the companies if they integrate social media with SEO revealing that the companies who integrate social and SEO have more SEO success.

Study Results

Below the graph demonstrates that companies who use excessive integration of social media and SEO are much more likely to have a superior strategy than those who are not integrated. Even those companies with limited integration experience superior strategy compared to those who did not.

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How to Integrate Social Media with SEO

When it comes to combining your resources for search engine optimization almost all roads lead back to content. The study revealed that 48 percent of the respondents felt that creating original content was the most effective SEO tactic. After you have created content – articles, press releases, blogs, pictures, videos, podcasts, etc. – what are you doing with it? It would be fair to assume that the companies who were most successful with SEO were continuously creating new content and sharing it through their social media channels.

Companies should not be so short-sided though; the creation of content and its publication on social media channels does not merit or guarantee a quick win. First and foremost, the content should be worthy of sharing and should be relevant to the audience in which attention is sought. Secondly, there must be some kind of social media presence existing to warrant any engagement between a company, its content and the consumers. All of these processes take time and effort and are earned not given.

Bottom Line

While the survey does not dive into the specifics of what these companies are sharing and the scope of their content or social media fan base, it should be assumed that they are creating great content and working hard at engaging their social media audience as well as building it. SEO is not all about social media but it is obvious that the two mediums do share a sort of interconnectedness. The central takeaway is that the most successful companies are likely effective at understanding the connection between social and SEO and are good at pleasing the search engines, their social media platforms and first and foremost, their consumers.

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