Social Media May Take Over Search Engine Queries (H1)

According to a recent report from Forrester Research, the rise of using social media networks for internet discovery gives speculation to the estimate that these platforms may soon drive more traffic than search engines. In 2012, nearly 50 percent of all Internet users ages 18 to 23, and 43 percent of users aged 24 to 32, used social media networks as their preferred internet-discovery resource. Of these networks, Facebook and Twitter make up the preferred means of discovery for nearly a third of all Americans, up from 18 percent in 2010.

In the same time period, 54 percent of American Internet users still relied on traditional search engines to find the information they were looking for. In 2010, this number was 61 percent indicating that social media is becoming more important to companies looking to be noticed by consumers.

What Consumers are Looking for

Tampa SEO has spent a considerable amount of time researching social media trends, cycles and its impact on SEO as well as conversions. Consumers have changed their habits in that they want to get feedback from real people regarding the products and services they are looking to buy. Preferably these people will be close friends or friends in social networks. They are turning to social media partly because they spend their leisure time their anyway and because they expect to be engaged by brands that they will potentially be doing business with.

What to Take Away

As more people are looking to social media to find information on businesses it makes sense to adapt your online marketing accordingly. With a decline in search engine use and an uptick in social media, it may be worthwhile to consider reducing your SEO budget and dedicating more of it to social media. A strong website will still be a valuable asset as the social media channels generally direct back to the website but engagement on social media will be a key player in future efforts to maintain maximum visibility.

Get Help with Your Social Media

Tampa SEO designs and maintains social media strategies for companies of all sizes. To get the help you need to build, maintain and optimize your social media strategy, contact us today.

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