Where Should I Spend My SEO Dollars?

SEO and Internet marketing budgets can often confuse small business owners as they are never really sure what the return on investment will be or how to truly reach out to potential customers. Tampa SEO addresses this thought process with our clients all the time and we want to help others get some guidance on where we think their SEO dollars are best spent.

Content Creation

If you are in the beginning stages of a SEO campaign, content is generally the first and best place where you should invest your money. Content can be written, can be in audio, video or picture form, and should be created to attract both the search engines and your ideal consumer. For the search engines, it is important to know that they work via an indexing system. Search engine ‘robots’ scour the web for content and index it all so that they can bring the search engine user the best results according to their search. Having a good content strategy is something we can help you with so that you have the best chance of ranking highly for your keywords.

Social Media

Identifying the best ways to use your social media channels is a difficult and confusing piece of the Internet marketing puzzle. For starters, your business has to determine which social media channels are best for you and how they will relate to your target demographic. Once you research this information, part of your content strategy (mentioned above) must be catered to entertain, inform and engage your social media audience. Not only is your content important for your website, it is also important for the likes of your social media audience.

Determining ROI via social media can be difficult but there are ways to do so. However, many companies look at social media as more of a communication channel rather than a deliberate way to sell products. Think of social media like a billboard or a major highway except with an audience that you know is already interested in your products or services. Learn more about integrating social media and SEO.

Link Building

Link building is probably the most confusing aspect of SEO for website owners. Some of our clients handle their content and social media on their own but still utilize us for link building. This aspect of SEO has been given new attention as the most recent algorithm changes have resulted in rankings penalties for websites that used unethical link building techniques. After a content strategy has been implemented and incorporated into a social media campaign, often the only thing that separates a company from really cultivating rankings is a solid, ongoing link building strategy. In the more competitive industries link building will separate the more visible sites from the ones that only get a small portion of market share.

Learn More about SEO Budgeting

To learn more about how we can help you strategize, implement and provide reporting on your SEO campaign, contact Tampa SEO today. We are happy to help you decide where your SEO budget should go and how to best use your Internet marketing dollars.


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