Social media is about building relationships with your customers. We’ll make them love you.

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Simply put, there are many pros of social media marketing that your business should not ignore.  Social media marketing is a marketing vertical that uses social networks, online communities, blogs, or any other sort of online collaborative media for marketing.  We’ve turned social media marketing in Tampa into a science which involves Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and other channels that will help you connect directly with consumers – no matter what products or services you offer.

Here’s a great example of social media marketing using a real customer of ours.

A client of Tampa SEO, Giant Promotions, has some great products dedicated to grand openings.  For instance, his balloon rentals product is great for placing outside a retail outlet and attracting new customers to a grand opening.

Now, Giant Promotions had never really thought twice about social media marketing until they became a search engine optimization client of Tampa SEO.  From there, we explained how he could grow his business with social media marketing, and especially with Twitter.

Here’s how we transformed Giant Promotion’s views on social media marketing:

Giant Promotions wants to find consumers to market to who are planning on having a grand opening in the near future.  So what we do is scan Twitter for anyone using the terms “our grand opening,” or “my grand opening.”  When we see a person or business who might be perfectly placed to use Giant Promotion’s balloon rentalswe interact with that user in a positive way.

We message the Twitter user with a clear, targetted, valuable, or funny marketing message that let’s them know that we can help. The user then usually follows our Twitter account, and is a follower for life.  Although they might not purchase now, they may refer Giant Promotions to a friend or colleague, or they may purchase the product in the future.

That’s just the tip of the social media marketing iceberg.

So what’s it going to be?  Are you going to let your competition zero in on expanding your business with social media marketing, or are you going to engage Tampa SEO and get this party started?