Eadoc Software provides a fast, secure, and easy to use web based construction management software to their clients.

Please note: there’s nothing on this page that explains the “secret SEO sauce” that Tampa SEO created. This only touches on a SMALL portion of the work we’ve done for this client, and no trade secrets or confidential information will be shared.

Eadoc first approached us in around mid-December, 2010.  They were seeking organic SEO services as well as PPC services for their website.

After we looked at their website, we realized that there were a few main areas of concern for our SEO & PPC campaign optimization:

  • SEO Optimization Issues
  • Tracking Issues
  • Organic SEO website configuration
  • PPC website configuration
  • Monthly SEO campaign structure
  • Monthly PPC campaign structure

We developed a proposal for them, and over the next few ranks, increased their rankings by over 250%.

To view the SEO and PPC proposal that Tampa SEO created for their search engine optimization and search engine marketing, please click here:

Tampa SEO Proposal for SEO & PPC



Tampa SEO Proposal for Client
Tampa SEO Proposal for SEO & PPC

After Tampa SEO’s proposal had been accepted, we then created another document which outlined the SEO changes that needed to be made on the website itself.  Here’s the document of changes that were made to the website:

Tampa SEO Recommended Changes – Part 1

Tampa SEO Recommended Changes Part 1
Tampa SEO Recommended Changes Part 1

From there, Tampa SEO’s changes were implemented, and the website creative was changed based on the recommendations.  Here’s a before and after screen capture of the website.

Before and After Side by Side Comparison

Before and After Side by Side Comparison

Please note the areas boxed with a red line.  Here were Tampa SEO’s primary recommendations:

  • Change, “Fast, Secure, Easy to Use Web Based Construction Management Software” to text instead of an image.  Google can’t read images, so the text helped!
  • Add the video directly to the banner at the top so that users engage quickly and see a fast overview
  • Add a conversion box to the side of the website for maximum PPC ROI

After we implemented all of these changes for our client, we then created a new document for SEO changes round 2. Here is Tampa SEO’s second round of search engine optimization changes:

Tampa SEO Recommended Changes – Part 2

Tampa SEO Recommendations Part 2
Tampa SEO Recommendations Part 2


Now, after these search engine optimization changes were implemented, we started to see a ton of progress!  The search engines started to love our client!  Here’s a screen capture of our client’s Google Webmaster tools taken just 1 month into the SEO progress.

Tampa SEO Improvements

Tampa SEO Attained 23% Increase in Visibility and 20% Increase in Traffic in Just 30 Days!